Don Clark Consultations

Office appointments: I am in my office in San Francisco on Wednesdays. I see people for psychotherapy and counseling but, in order to keep it entirely private, do not offer any information directly to third parties such as insurance companies or preferred provider networks. I do offer any information requested by a client directly to him or her and people sometimes choose to send that information on to a third party in order to facilitate reimbursement. The reason for this policy about information is that I have learned that once such private information is made available to a third party, there is no real control over its destinations and, therefore, genuine confidentiality is lost. Fee for service payment is due at the time of each consultation. Full fee is $210 per fifty minutes but a minimum of twenty-five percent of appointment times are reserved always for clients who cannot afford the full fee.

Telephone Consultation: Telephone consultation is available on the same terms as listed above for office consultations subject to agreement on an appointment time and the client initiating the telephone call at the confirmed time.

Professionals' Consultation: I am also available to professional psychotherapists and counselors for both office and telephone consultation appointments.

To make an appointment: To discuss possible appointments, please telephone 415-552-0204.